White Trash Alert: Two Women Fight at Walmart with Kid Helping

This video shows us why we should be petitioning Walmart to sell ringside tickets to redneck fights like this one. Behold the utmost, most redneck fight you’ve seen all week.

These two wildebeest fight it out at a Walmart in Beech Grove, Indiana. One of the women’s kids is with her. You see him standing ringside, picking up random bottles of conditioners and shampoos to obviously “clean” the other woman’s hair. However, he decides that throwing the bottles at the woman’s head is more appropriate. Who taught this kid to wash hair, anyway?

You’d expect this type of redneckness to happen in places like Alabama or West Virginia, cause they to seem more redneck that Indiana. But hey, why discriminate when it comes to rednecks and where they live, right?

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