This May Just Be The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught On Camera

You may have caught wind of some new footage that has been released showing one of the largest great white sharks ever caught on video. This is an incredibly large great white species, at an estimated 21-feet and given the name, Deep Blue.

The massive shark was first featured in August on the Discovery Channel in a documentary when researchers were attempting to tag the gigantic shark. This footage comes courtesy of one of the researchers involved in the effort, Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

The shark’s age is believed to be at or around 50 years old. In the video it is filmed swimming around a diver and shark cage close to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. One brave diver is seen in the video getting very close with this real-life “Jaws” and reaches out to touch the shark’s fin. The shark was very pregnant at the time of filming.

In addition to this female shark’s huge frame, she is also very recognizable by the many battle scars she has endured while feeding, defending, and surviving for her approximate 50 year age.

In the original Discovery Channel documentary, one of the researchers mentions the large, vertical scars and slashes on Deep Blue’s left side may be from fights with sharks or perhaps from mating.

Deep Blue also was noted to have a nice-sized hole on her right trunk and also on her dorsal fin. She’s damaged but definitely one marvel to look at in our expansive ocean.

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