The New Airstream Basecamp Silver Bullet Camper is the Real Deal!

The Airstream silver bullet that was iconic years ago has got a little smaller.

Airstream today announced the launching of its latest travel trailer, the Airstream Basecamp.

If you like camping and simplicity, but with a great deal of amendments and options, then this new Airstream camper is great news for you.

However, if you want one of these cool bullet campers, you may need to invest in a vehicle that’ll pull it. It has a trailer pull capacity pounds of 3,500. Your bigger crossovers and SUVs may also pull the Basecamp. But once you’ve got the right vehicle to pull this cool little camper, it will soon become your new, and most favorite, excursion “mini” camper.

The Basecamp was created to manage rougher roads than preceding versions. It’s also the lightest trailer in the Airstream fleet. The Basecamp’s competitive side flares, big wheels and tires, and an aggressive departure angle, makes irregular terrain towing and reachable more easy.

One and two long seats seat five, and convert into a full size bed.

Based on business specs it’s:

  • For eating, sleeping, relaxing or stowing equipment convertible back space that accommodates several people at once.
  • Big rear cargo hatch and elastic storage space with tiedowns.
  • Kitchen with fridge, stainless steel sink, and a cooktop
  • Wireless Bose Bluetooth loudspeaker

Elective add-ons, including back tent and an enclosed veranda that seamlessly attach to the Basecamp roof track for additional storage that is outdoor.

The Basecamp resembles a modern, very useful camper, but comes with a significant cost. To find out more, take a look at the recently-established Basecamp page online and linked to from above.

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